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dag phenolated iodine gargling solution - 1 Gallon

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Dag 16 Oz Phenolated Iodine Gargling Solution Contains Phenolated Iodine in an Irish Moss Extract with Organic Borates

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Product Information:

D.A.G. (Dierkers Antiseptic Germicidal) is a gargling agent with infection-fighting ingredients. DAG Solution is a clear liquid, with a unique smell & taste, made of Phenolated Iodine in Irish Moss Extract with Organic Borates. These ingredients provide a soothing antiseptic solution with strong germicidal power - without the burn and sting of alcohol.DAG Solution is an extremely effective gargle for a sore and irritated throat. Start gargling as soon as you feel that little tingle in your throat that warns, sickness is coming! The key is to gargle as long and as often as possible initially. There is nothing like the dread you feel when you know you are getting sick, and there is also no feeling like the relief of waking up WITHOUT a sore throat! DAG Solution is an invaluable addition to the medicine cabinet of any busy person, who just doesn't have time be sick! DAG Solution can also be used as a soothing mouthwash, to relieve the discomfort and speed the healing, of canker sores, inflamed gums or any other irritating mouth sores. DAG Solution is a mild, sting-free, non-irritating topical antiseptic that soothes insect bites, minor cuts & scrapes.


  • D.A.G. Solution (Dierkers Antiseptic Germicidal).
  • Gargling agent with infection-fighting ingredients.
  • Contains phenolated iodine in an Irish moss extract with organic borates.
  • Used by chiropractors for more than 50 years.


  • 4 OZ
  • 16 OZ
  • 1 GALLON

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